Brain Meat

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Morning at the office.  (at Wilson Compound Ministries)
Oooooold wiring. (at Wilson Compound Ministries)
Purchased new built-in led lights fore the kitchen. Opened up the unit and freaked out that the bulbs weren’t included. Slowly realized that those thin metal strips are the bulbs. (at Wilson Compound Ministries)
at Keystone Homebrew Supply
Fourteen-year-old girl plus large cardboard box.  (at Hollythorne Estate)

Westerners! (at Hunterdon Gastroenterology Assoc.)

Parents went out looking at houses today. My mother seems to like the one with the penis hallway.
Taking Holly out for a post-wasp-emergency-room visit. Mozeltov! (at Red Lobster - Whitehall, PA)